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Director’s Interviews

August 16, 2007

Leila and Nadia have two great interviews just released:Nadia’s is with Truthout:

We do talk about existing technologies as both transitional solutions and long-term solutions, but technology is nothing without an evolution in culture. We need to regain our citizenship – we have been turned into full-time consumers, and as a result, the infrastructure of our physical and mental society is in collapse. How are we going to demand that the administration – this one or the next – build green or develop better transportation systems or retool the wasteful processes of the industrial production system if we don’t engage as humans on a political level? The technologies exist right now that can dramatically reduce our impact on the planet – but they are not being implemented at the scale needed to make the difference we desperately need right now. We need a societal movement on the level of the civil rights movement to take back the power we have lost, so that we can begin to push for changes that serve the greater good of people and the planet, and not just the corporate few.

Leila’s is at World Changing:

The film creates and awareness about the real nature of the problem, that it’s human thinking and behavior that is at the root of the destruction. And it is human behavior and thinking that will change it. From that we hope will flow a whole host of solutions and actions that people can take on their own, through the action community or other non-profits that they support. We show a lot of solutions in the film; most primarily that we need to move to renewable energy and redesign most of what we make, change the internal logic.