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Green Anchors: Green News Anchor WALKS her Talk!

August 14, 2007

 “If I can’t get there on my roller-blades, then I carpool or take the bus.”

People don’t realize how much money they can save by not having a car here in LA, with the intricate bus and rail system. It takes an hour to get there by bus or by car. When it’s necessary I rent a car maybe two-or-three times a month – they even come to my place to pick me up. Last year I spent $700 for the WHOLE YEAR on rental cars – that’s how much most people pay in ONE MONTH for a car. I’m the ultimate poster child for the show I have been anchoring for two years: “Metro Motion.” My news director John Helmore says were Green when Green wasn’t so hot – like it is now! Thanks to The 11th Hour. “Metro Motion” is about public transportation, carpooling and solutions to traffic congestion.

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